Graduation Displays

We will have the display up before 6:00 am and will remove the yard signs after 6:00 pm the same evening. 
We will TRY to include the School Colors when possible in the graduation display.

Please use our Reservation Request form, and choose “Graduation Display” under Rental Type.

STANDARD GRAD – Message Board + 20 grad items $80.00
DELUXE GRAD – Message Board + 30 grad items + “Congrats Grad” Sign $100.00
LAWN LETTERS (Grad or Name) + grad items + “Congrats” Sign
*Please note, not available for all yards – We must have an open, unobstructed, FLAT area to setup lawn letters* 
“Class of” Keepsake $10.00
Personalized Name – “Class of” Keepsake $20.00
(Tax is included) Travel Fee may apply, please see our MAP for zones and pricing.