Pink Flamingo Rentals

Pink Birthday Flamingos!

Plastic Pink Birthday Flamingos on lawn Who would have thought that those tacky lawn flamingos would have another purpose other than being a lawn decoration? Yes, there is another use for plastic flamingos. These pink, lovely birds can serve as more than just a lawn ornament, beside lawn gnomes and big lawn mushrooms.

Ever wondered how you would be able to surprise someone on a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion? Have you already done the special breakfast surprise, surprise dinner or surprise party? Running out of ideas? Then here is a new and novel way to surprise someone on a very special occasion. Have them visited by our flock of pink lawn flamingos! Surprise a loved one with birthday flamingos on lawn!

Had your first anniversary on a Caribbean tour where you visited real live flamingos? Want to relive the experience for your 50th anniversary but have no time to book another tour? Then relive the experience right at your own home. Surprise your loved one by decorating the entire yard with a rental flock of plastic pink flamingos. Sure, they may not be as tall or as real as the live ones but the experience you shared during that special trip can be revisited. Spread a beautiful picnic breakfast right on your lawn while surrounding yourself with the beauty of the flamingos. At least you wouldn’t have to worry that they will pick at your food and eat it before you do.

Having a yard or business sale? What better way to attract more customers than having a flock of flamingo’s right at your yard or office lawn. Put up your banners announcing the sale amidst a flock of pink lawn flamingos. You may even use them as mascots announcing your business’ special offers and sale. These attractive lawn flamingos will certainly attract a flock of curious customers right to your store.

Is an employee retiring or having a promotion? Then surprise them by having an office party outdoors, amidst lawn flamingos. Congratulate your newly promoted employee or bid them adieu with an office party decorated with pink lawn flamingos. You may even make it more memorable by creating a cruise-liner theme office party. Have everyone wear their favorite cruise outfit or their sailor outfit and decorate your office lawn with pink flamingos. It may not be the Caribbean or some exotic African beach but it will definitely make the experience memorable.

Who would have thought that lawn flamingos can be more than just yard decorations? Your creativity is the limit.