Do It Yourself Yard Signs

“Do It Yourself” Lawn Sign Displays!

Mix n match critters for a fun, loving display of affection!

We are now offering “Do-it-Yourself” Greetings. PLEASE NOTE: Do it yourself greetings are only for the “Critter” displays, NOT the Stork or Baby Signs.

Do you live outside our delivery area, but really want to rent a display? Maybe you would just want to have some fun setting up the display yourself? Or perhaps you just want to save some money? A Basic Do-It-Yourself Rental costs $45. You SAVE $30 + Delivery fees OFF the regular price. We will need a credit card on file to cover any damaged or missing items.

The $45 Basic DIY display comes with 20 critters and our standard message board with slide-in letter tracking. For $65 you can upgrade to a Deluxe DIY display, which comes with 30 critters, our standard message board with slide-in letter tracking and one of our “Happy Birthday” lawn phrases. For an indoor DIY display, we would also include the weighted paint cans for flamingos, or the “feet” for our 2 dimensional critters.

To place a Do-It-Yourself order, please call us at 602-478-0132 and will schedule a time for you to come and pick up the display. We are located in Phoenix, Arizona, near 31st Avenue & Northern. Please NOTE: We are NOT a retail location. We will have the display ready to go so you can come pick it up, set it up when YOU want to, and return it the next day. Generally, one display can fit in the trunk of a mid-sized car.

Below are some ideas of “mixing” our critter choices to create a cute & memorable lawn greeting for that special someone. Please remember that we have a limited number of critters available in each style, so make your reservation early to make sure you can have the critter greeting you desire for that special day!

Scroll down to see what phrases will work with the critters chosen, or feel free to create your own special message! These are just ideas, you can pick different critters to “mix”, however we will only be mixing them in groups of 10, for example; 10 hearts & 10 cows.


10 Pigs & 10 Lips

  • Sending Hogs and Kisses on Your Special Day!
  • Valentine, will you be “Swine”?

10 Cows & 10 Hearts

  • You’re Udderly Fabulous! Happy Birthday!
  • I love you udderly! Happy Birthday!
  • (name) we are moooved by your love! Happy Birthday!

10 Frogs & 10 Lips or Hearts

  • You finally kissed the right frog! Hoppy Birthday!
  • My heart still leaps at the thought of you. Hoppy Valentines!
  • You’re Un-Frog-ettable! Hoppy Valentines Day!

10 Flames & 10 Hearts

  • (Name) My heart burns for you! Happy Birthday!
  • To my hottie honey I love you!
  • You still set my heart on fire. I love you!

10 Ducky’s & 10 Hearts

  • Rubber Ducky you’re the one! Happy Birthday!
  • (Name) I’m quackers for you. Love (sender’s name)
  • For my favorite wisequacker, on Your Birthday!
  • Waddle we say, have a spequackular (#) Birthday!

10 Penguins & 10 Hearts

  • Honey, you give me “Happy Feet”!
  • We’re all dressed up to say, Happy Birthday!

10 Bottles & 10 Hearts

  • To my baby’s momma (or daddy) on Your Birthday!
  • (Name), it’s your Birthday, Milk it for all it’s worth!

10 Steelers Helmets & 10 Hearts

  • To my Steelers fan, Happy Birthday!

10 Stars & 10 Hearts

  • (Name) you are the twinkle of my eye. Happy Birthday!