Indoor Flocks

Indoor Flocks for Office Parties and Celebrations

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer our Displays as an “Indoor Flocking”.

Please Note: At the moment we are ONLY able to offer Indoor Flockings as a DIY rental.

What’s included:

  • 20 Pink flamingos OR 20 of any of our 2D critters
  • Sand-filled cans to keep them upright (flamingos) OR “feet” to make the 2D critters stand up
  • Our standard White message board with Slide in Letter tracking. Please note: We no longer offer the personalized desktop “Keepsake” message board
  • Additional critters may be rented at $1 per critter (upon availability)

For an indoor flocking, the display can be setup the evening BEFORE the special event, after the recipient has left for the day.

This type of display is currently ONLY available as a Do-It-Yourself Display starting at $55.  Please be aware that the cans used to set up the flamingos indoors can be heavy & cumbersome to transport.