You’ve been BOOed!

BooWe are pleased to announce that for a limited time, during the month of October, we are offering to “Boo” your friends , family & neighbors! 

Please Note:  Specific dates are NOT available. 
To send a boo, contact us and we will let you know when your area is to be “Boo’ed”.
We will be “Boo-ing” different parts of the valley throughout the month. When your area is scheduled, we will send you an invoice for payment. Be on the lookout for other boos in your area!

How it works:
We come in the night and setup a “Boo” display for your friends or family and leave a treat bag for them to enjoy. The “Boo’ed” will have the display for the day and can choose to pay it forward and “Boo” someone else. We will come later that evening and move the “Boo’s” to the new locations.